Pediatric Dermoid Cyst Removal

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Dermoid cysts are remnants of fetal development, most often found on the lateral brow area. They are usually asymptomatic but on occasion may increase in size and cause pain. Removal can be performed via open or endoscopic approach. For children it is routinely performed under general anesthesia. The treatment that best fits your needs and expectations can be further discussed with your surgeon during your consultation.


  • Restores facial contour and symmetry
  • Improves self- esteem and confidence in children


All patients who have dermoid cyst may consider treatment.


Most patients tolerate the procedure well and are able to go home the same day. Medications for pain and nausea to be taken by mouth are routinely prescribed with an occasional short course of antibiotics. Some bruising and swelling are expected but are generally well tolerated and improve over several days.

All patients considering elective surgery should abstain from secondhand smoke, both before and after surgery. The sutures used in dermoid cyst removal surgery are absorbable and dissolve over time. The majority of patients are able to return to their routine activities in few days.

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